Home Values

Are you thinking about selling your home or buying one, but you are not sure what it is worth?

The value of homes are determined by a number of factors, including the past and current listing and selling prices of other homes in your area. We love to have past statistics to reference as we are helping out clients. Here are a couple of types of stats that we provide to our clients:

Average Listing Price in Mason City: $154,387 (as of December 2017)


 Avg Sale Price

 # of Homes Sold 
Dec 2017     $128,761  419
Sep 2017    $129,610   327
Jun 2017    $126,685   206
Dec 2016    $128,268   403
Dec 2015    $118,496   410
Dec 2014    $112,252   343
Dec 2013    $115,436   358
Dec 2012    $120,457   337
Dec 2011    $111,855   292
Dec 2010    $107,744   305

Monthly trends, yearly trends, and price per square foot are very important statistics to compare home values whether you are buying or selling; please contact Brian at 641-583-0234 to get these numbers and many more! 

How much is your home worth? Contact Brian at 641-583-0234.